Friday, March 2, 2012

Selling at La Jolla Cove

So.... I have been going back to La Jolla Cove for the past 3 weekends, and WOW!!!! It has been great!  I have been able to paint so much, and I have really enjoyed meeting so many people.  It is such a opportunity for me and I am so happy to be able to get my work in your hands.  It is truly my passion, and I hope that you will continue to come out and support my art and my love for it.  There is something for everyone. Come check it out!  I am going to try to post an update each week.  I have some ideas in the making that will be fun. :)

Here are just two paintings that I have sold in La Jolla.  I will keep posting more as they come and go.  As they are selling before I even finish painting them!  Enjoy!

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