Friday, August 22, 2014

Going Viral

We are taking our next step into the online world.  I love sharing my passion and my talent with people.  I could sit and talk to people about art and how I do what I do all day!  I have been rolling around the thought of a YouTube channel now for a few months, maybe even more than that.  We have yet to do it for a few different reasons, but I am excited about launching into this arena.  I want to be able to share the various things I have learned as an artist to other artists around the world.  I know what it is like to be the guy online searching a technique or simply gleaning advice from a fellow artist.  I know that I have valuable information that will help any type of artist.  There is a freedom that I have in my work and I am looking forward to sharing that with you all the those around the world very soon.  Some videos will be informational and then there will be some that are inspirational and some that may be in between.  I am looking forward to recording this week and getting our first video up in the next week.  So keep an eye out for this new venture. 

Also check out our updated website!!!!!! My business manager, partner in life, director, best friend, and wonderful wife created a new website for Trudelle Galleries and I love it!   So go check it out and share it with everyone you know.  I am so excited to be sharing this journey with all of you and I will be updating you more as we continue on!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Risen Magazine

Trudelle Galleries is on the brink of uncharted success.  The Fine Art world was created to be something very specific many many years ago.  What I do is something very different and something incredibly purposed.  I had the pleasure of meeting Kelli Gillespie at a business breakfast here in San Diego two months ago.  She was the guest speaker and it was powerful to see who she is and what she does in our society.  She is an entertainment reporter for San Diego, she travels to world to talk with celebrities and get their story.  Everyone has a story and a life they live underneath the day to day routine.  Too often we see people in Hollywood only on the big screen and on the cover of People Magazine associated with the latest scandal.  This causes us to forget that they are real people just like you and me.  Well, Kelli Gillespie is a different kind of reporter.  She focuses on real life, not the drama of the media.  The connections she creates with the stars is phenomenal and the influence she has on our entertainment world is something to be commended.  I was able to talk with her after the breakfast and thank her for speaking and sharing how she is impacting our world.  She was so kind and we had a great talk.  After talking for a short time about growing up in the same general area she asked what I do for work.  I was able to share a small portion of my work with her and talk about Trudelle Galleries.  This meeting was the beginning of something I believe I will look back on as our beginning.

Kelli and her team came to my house this last week to conduct an interview for her personal magazine, Risen magazine.  They came and viewed my current artwork, asked questions, and were able to see and touch these pieces in person.  It was so great to spend this time with them and get to share my story.  I know that these years of working and pouring my passion into my artwork is going to pay off, and in my lifetime! I am excited about charting into new territories changing the face of the art world forever.  Kelli will be featuring my story and Trudelle Galleries in her Fall issue of Risen Magazine.  Make sure to pick up your copy, or subscribe online to get your issue.  We are on the road to success and influencing our world for the better. 

We all have our own gifts, talents, and abilities to offer the world around us.   No do believe the lie that tells you that you are just one person and you do not have an important assignment for this life.  Your life was created for this time, this generation, these people.  Live life in a pursuit to never give up.  Failure is part of the process.  It is an event, not a life.  You are important.  You are loved.  You have purpose.  Stay connected to Trudelle Galleries as we embark on this journey together.  Connection is part of our design.  Live life together.  Live life in victory!

Update:  The release date is September 1, 2014! You can visit to subscribe and get your copy.