Sunday, July 5, 2015

House of Blues Art Show

July 22nd is our next Art Show here in San Diego at the House of Blues downtown.  Kyle is excited about unveiling a new portfolio that he has not released on any social media outlet.  Only close family know about what he has been working over these last few months and he is bursting with anticipation to show the world what he has been creating. 

This new work will be a powerful shift for all those who get the chance to view it.  The power behind these pieces are going to change hearts and minds.  There is so much to say about these but I will quit before I get ahead of myself.    These paintings.  Speak.  For.  Themselves. 

Your support and encouragement helps me do what I do and enables me to carry the mission I am here to accomplish.  I hope to see you there!             

You can use the link below to purchase your ticket.  Thank you for your support!